Bbattery tester load tester suppliers
Bbattery tester load tester suppliers

Battery tester

Model NO.
For 6/12V Battery Tester
battery tester NC-LT07 used for 6/12V Battery Test
car battery load tester with load test capacity:100amps, 200 to 1000 cold-cranking amps (battery capacity:12V<100AH,6V<50AH) .
battery tester car battery analyser with display meter: 0-16VDC (maximum) .
battery tester with meter indicater.
The car battery analyser NC-LT07 quickly and easily tests 6v and 12v batteries up to 1000CCA, car battery load tester providing a complete charging system diagnosis.  This car battery load tester is Ideal for cars, small trucks, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs,boats, and lawn tractor batteries, making it a convenient general-purpose tester. The car battery analyser includes a top-mounted rocker switch for simplified operation, heavy-duty color-coded battery clamps, easy to read meter, baked enamel steel case, and a comfort-grip, rubber-insulated carrying handle.

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